Web-Enabled GIS and Application Development
Project:  Functional Requirements Document - Peoria Parks and Trails Review System
Client:     City of Peoria, Arizona
The City of Peoria needed a way to review proposed developments
against park and trail requirements and monitor the implementation of
the plan against key indicators.  A web-based application was the best
way to meet the City's goals and would provide the following functions:
allow web access to GIS information; provide access and print updated
maps; utilize GIS to provide updated calculations; create a "living" plan.
Project:  Stream Maintenance Program, Annual Reporting and Maintenance Scheduling Tool
Client:     Horizon Water and Environment / Sonoma County Water Agency
We are currently working with the Sonoma County Water Agency GIS staff,
and Horizon Water and Environment, to develop an application to
streamline the permitting process required annually in conjunction with
their Stream Maintenance Program (SMP). The SMP integrates flood
management, channel maintenance, and natural resource protection
and enhancement activities in over 100 miles of stream and flood control
channels.  Ms. Gosch is providing GIS analysis and cartographic output
for use in stream maintenance program and manual, and environmental
assessment documentation including hydrology, geomorphic, biologic
and cultural investigations.
Project:  Saving the Bay - Project Web Site
Client:     Field of VIsion / KTEH
Design and development of Saving The Bay - A Story of the San
Francisco Bay website, a public television series of four one-hour
episodes focusing on the geological, cultural and developmental history
of San Francisco Bay.  The show premiered on KTEH in October, 2009
and was narrated by Robert Redford.