GIS and 3-Dimensional Modeling
Project:  Potential Agricultural Lands Conversion Model
Client:    Conservation, Planning and Development - Napa County, California
Created a GIS-model to determine lands suitable for potential
agricultural conversion (i.e. vineyard development) within the County of
Napa.  Inputs included: 2004 SURGO soil data, slopes, hydrologic
features, roads, sensitive biological areas, urban areas, ownership, and
existing agricultural lands.  The end product was imported into a complex
hydrologic model (MIKE-SHE) for use in analyzing potential impacts for
the County's General Plan Update process.
Project:  GIS and 3D Model
Client:     City of Redwood City, California
We led the City's effort to create a 3-dimensional model illustrating all
existing buildings in Redwood City, with a special focus on the downtown
area.  Parcel data and orthophotography was supplied to a
sub-consultant to digitize the building footprints and assign building
heights to each building.  We then trained City personnel in 3D model
creation and animation techniques using 3D Analyst
Project:  Viewshed Model, Population Density and Landscape Analyses
Client:     Impact Sciences
Acquire and compile GIS data required for the development of a
viewshed model, population density and landscape analyses in support
of the Visual Assessment section of an Environmental Impact Report.  
Creation of 3D GIS data layers to be used in the development of a three
visual simulations to assist in the determination of change detection.
Project:  Gaviota Coast Resource Study
Client:     Santa Barbara County, California
The Gaviota Coast encompasses approximately 100,000 acres of land
located along the east-west facing coastline of the County.  The project
involved completing a GIS-based inventory of resource and planning
information; a preliminary constraints analysis to identify priority areas for
preservation; identification of preservation techniques focusing on
transfer of development credit programs; and a full-color resource report
summarizing all the aforementioned work.  A complex GIS model was
created to help prioritize areas for conservation based on a dynamic and
flexible set of criteria.  The report was to serve as an informational
document for the public and County of Santa Barbara decision-makers
and staff.
- project work performed while employed at EDAW, Inc. -