CEQA / NEPA and Environmental Document Support
Project:  DesertXpress Environmental Impact Statement
Client:     CirclePoint
To provide a much needed alternative to automobile travel, DesertXpress
Enterprises proposed construction and operation of a privately owned,
high-speed rail line running about 200 miles on exclusive track from
Victorville to Las Vegas, generally along the I-15 corridor.  In early 2006,  
CirclePoint was designated as the third party contractor to lead the
preparation of a project-level environmental impact statement for the
proposed rail project. In support of this effort we have created a series of
ten thematic maps including project description, environmental justice,
prime farmland, geologic hazards, hazardous materials, land use,
ownership, noise and visual resources for a total of 65+ maps, over a
3-year process.
Project:  West Broadway Avenue Specific Plan EIR
Client:     CirclePoint / City of Seaside, California
We are currently working with the Sonoma County Water Agency GIS staff,
and Horizon Water and Environment, to develop an application to
streamline the permitting process required annually in conjunction with
their Stream Maintenance Program (SMP). The SMP integrated flood
management, channel maintenance, and natural resource protection
and enhancement in over 100 miles of stream and flood control
channels.  Ms. Gosch is providing GIS analysis and cartographic output
for use in stream maintenance program and manual, and environmental
assessment documentation including hydrology, geomorphic, biologic
and cultural investigations.
Project:  Silicon Valley Rapid Transit Project EIS
Client:     CirclePoint / Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
CirclePoint worked in partnership with the Transportation Authority to
prepare necessary documentation under NEPA to clear the revised
project.  In support of this, we provided GIS analysis and map preparation
including land use, environmental justice, and visual assessment.