Custom Cartography
Project:  Skyline Area Parks and Open Space Preserves
Client:     Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District
The District was approached by Alice's Restaurant, located on Highway
35 in Woodside, about creating a large-scale map to be displayed
outside their restaurant.  We created a wall-sized map depicting regional
open space areas located along the Highway 35 corridor of the
Peninsula.  The purpose of this map was to present in a visually
appealing and interpretive manner, all the open space areas in the
project area as well as recreational use information.
Project:  Pine Mountain Lake Family Vacation Home
Client:     Scully Family
The Scully family owns a vacation home in Pine Mountain Lake, located
in Tuolumne County, California.  Mrs. Scully wanted to surprise her
husband with a custom map designed just for them as a birthday
present.  We worked together to determine the scale of the aerial
photography - how much of the area surrounding their property did she
want the map to display.  She identified places that were special to their
family: horse stables, golf course, airport (they flew their own plane to the
site), and Pine Mountain Lake. We acquired photographs of each of the
places and designed the map to highlight each of them.
Project:  Family Reunion - Mexico Trip Keepsake
Client:     Mr. John Coppock, Ms. Karen Coppock, Ms. Megan Coppock
The client's mother brought their entire family to Mexico over
Thanksgiving to celebrate a milestone birthday.  The children decided to
create this product to thank her for her generosity.  It depicts the resort
location, family outings, and photos for their favorite activities.